Funny Grammar Mistakes

Funny grammar mistakes are always good conversation starters. Once someone points them out, it is as if there was an inside joke that developed in just a couple of seconds and everyone would laugh as if they were holding it in for so long. The best thing about such grammar mistakes is the fact that they can give you a laugh or two, and you can easily share the joke with someone else.

Grammar mistakes are often found on signs or quotations made by different people. Some can be as simple as a misspelled word or a missing article, but even the simplest mistakes turn the meaning into something totally different that makes it funny. Sometimes, even the most common sayings can be turned into the funniest statements because of a few grammar mistakes.

Perhaps the most common and funny grammar mistakes that people make are related to the use of homonyms or words with different meanings but similar pronunciations or spellings. It is easy to imagine how one can replace ‘their’ with ‘they’re’ or even ‘there’, and the meaning of the whole sentence or statement would automatically change. For example, ‘Look up their’ instead of ‘Look up there’ seems to be an incomplete statement. All three words sound alike, but have different totally different meanings. What is even more funny is when people try to correct their first mistake, only to make another one.

Sometimes, even words that should be pronounced differently but sound almost alike are being used interchangeably. Here are some common statements that have the wrong word used and their correct versions.

  1. Items for sail. (items for sale)
  2. We Bye Used Cars. (We buy used cars)
  3. Cars not parked properly will be toad. ( Cars not parked properly will be towed)
  4. 24-Hour Toe Service (240Hour Tow Service)
  5. Buy tree get one free! (Buy Three Get one Free!)

These are just some examples of wrong words used in statements. There are also times when words are simply misspelled, but unknowingly, they might have been replaced with a different word that means something different altogether. Here are some picture with captions on them that show wrong grammar and funny statements:

funny mistake

written mistake

These signs full of funny grammar mistakes are all over the country. When people go to other countries that do not use English as their primary language, they are met with even worse cases of improper grammar. However, such cases are mostly due to some errors in translation, and the people who wrote them probably knew less about what they were writing about anyway.

For those who want to write properly, always check the use of grammar and the words used. After all, one wrong letter can send a whole new massage (message).

About the author:

Elsa Ubeda is a lecturer in Catalan language at the Spanish and Portuguese Department at Georgetown University.