Funny Writing Prompts for Writer’s Inspiration

Funny writing prompts are a great way to break down any old mental block. Usually, it only takes something funny or quirky to get those creative juices flowing again. These writing prompts can be very helpful in times when nothing else comes to mind or when new inspirations are needed. It also helps writers to get a break from a task that could be monotonous and very draining. Instead of wasting a lot of time and energy staring at an unmoving computer screen, writers should think of these prompts to get back on track.

A writing prompt often paints a what-if scenario for the writer, and his or her task will be to act on that scene in the most creative way possible. There are also times when the best prompts are coming up with ideas for lists, or when writers simply complete a sentence. Sometimes, prompts can also be as simple as pictures or images that writers have to think slogans or stories about.

Although it may seem like a waste of time as writers will have to be creative about something else, the most effective prompts actually free up the mind instead of pressuring it to think of new ideas.

Examples of funny writing prompts often come in images such as this:

funny man

What could the other people be thinking? How would you stop yourself from laughing if you were right there on the scene?

Another humorous writing prompt would be in the form of a funny question such as ‘What would you do if you could shop for anything for a whole day, but you could only do so while wearing nothing but a cardboard box the whole time?’

Most prompts actually appear to be profound at first and the answers seem to be more practical and philosophical than funny, but sometimes, even serious prompts can turn into the funniest ones. For example is the classic question, what kind of animal would you be. The answer can be a simple cat, or dog, or kangaroo or a squirrel. However, there are a handful of follow-up questions that can steer this to be funny. For example, if you chose to be a spider, how would you go about the task of wearing your pants?

Funny writing prompts do not even have to make sense all the time. In fact, it is these unexpected turn of events that make a seemingly ordinary idea funny. Another example would be to give yourself the task of creating a list of the most stupid inventions ever made, and how those inventions are actually the ones that are widely used today.

The secret is always to free up the mind and the imagination. Think, but always try to think out of the box.

About the author:

Anthony Ubelhor is a technology consultant at UK School of Library and Information Science at University of Kentucky. He has experience in medical library reference, dissertation and thesis writing consultancy, online research and mobile technology. Contact Anthony at: LinkedinFacebook.