The Value of Funny Persuasive Essay Topics

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The use of funny persuasive essay topics is a technique of presenting a new insight into some ideas through essay writing. Lighthearted presentation of facts elucidating the new ideas can appeal to both young and adult readers who might find them amusingly convincing. Topics used for persuasive essays have some academic value if they can be defended by the essay writer through facts and figures that are available on the subject matter. Topics vary according to the desires of the writer or the teacher that ordered the essays to be written.

Degree of Difficulty of Topics Assigned to Essayists

Not all writers are comfortable in writing funny essays so the techniques of using funny persuasive essay topics are taught to students at different educational level. The topics are to be categorized into the three, namely, secondary schools or 6th to 8th grades, High School and College. The reason for the segregation of topics into these categories has something to do with the degree of difficulty that topics present to students. Some teachers, however, do not segregate the topics into the different educational levels but assign all of the funny persuasive essay topics to all and allow the students to write the essays as they like.

The Assigned Topics for all levels

The following are some funny persuasive topics that can be given to students to inspire them to write more:

  • Pets that run away their masters should be punished
  • Students should be rewarded for getting good grades
  • Spiderman should be made to intervene in domestic disputes
  • There should a Children’s Court to try divorce cases
  • Should Madonna and other Superstars be asked to lecture on stardom?
  • Should children intervene in their parents’ divorce plans?
  • How Superman can stop wars in the Middle East
  • The government should offer free internet for Children
  • How CCTV can stop bullying in schools
  • There should be more incentives for those who offer car pools
  • Cigarettes and Alcohol should be taxed heavily to make them very expensive
  • All movies should be offered free in the internet two years after its release
  • The Electoral College is an electoral glitch that must be replaced
  • Evening schools must be an option available for all students
  • There should be a school for persons with paranormal abilities
  • There should be a school of Wizardry
  • How to start a Moon colony
  • How to start a Mars colony
  • There should be law to stop the production of junk foods

All these funny topics are intended to stimulate the young minds of students into developing persuasive reasoning that they can use for more serious writing endeavors.

About the author:

Elsa Ubeda is a lecturer in Catalan language at the Spanish and Portuguese Department at Georgetown University.