Funniest Test Answers

Children always have the best imagination possible, and it is no wonder that every year, there seems to be a new set of the funniest test answers coming out. There always seems to be at least a kid or two who did not study well enough for the exam, but they will always try to do their best to get away with it.

Kids Say the Funniest Things

Most of the funny answers that teachers get are actually innocent answers from the younger students. These children simply answer the questions the best way they can, and it is not always the case that they know how to answer properly. Most of the time, younger children such as those from the pre-school or early grade levels do not even know what the question is truly about in the first place.

One common question that teachers ask students in the first or second grade is, what do you want to be when you grow up? Some students, without the supervision of their guardians or parents, actually answer as simple as they can. There are those who write simple words such as ‘happy’, ‘tall’, or even ‘a princess’. These are simple answers but are actually some funny test answers that anyone can get a laugh from.

There is one such image copy of a little kid’s answer to a similar question:

funny kid answer

From here, it can be seen that kids simply do just answer as simply and as straightforward as possible. Also, they definitely answer the way they want regardless of what the teacher or other people may think.

Doing their Best and Doodling

However, the funny answers do not stop with the young children and their innocent responses. Most of the time, funny answers to exam questions also come from the older students who try to be witty so that they can get away with not knowing the answer.

Some classic examples involve math problems that prove to be a bit too hard for some. In the end, they try to write just anything on the paper. However, the best answers are when students also try to be witty with the wrong answers. Here are images of such exam answers.

Here is an image of a math problem involving the search for the value of x:

funny geometry answer

Although there is no question that these answers are wrong, some teachers actually give some credit to the students even for creativity. At the very least, there are sure to be comments stating the professor’s reaction to the answer. Even if the answers are far from the correct ones, the funniest test answers always end up making more people happier.

About the author:

Elsa Ubeda is a lecturer in Catalan language at the Spanish and Portuguese Department at Georgetown University.