How to make an Essay more Creative?

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Writing an essay is one of the most creative works that a student can do. Writing a creative essay requires presence of mind, skill of representing on paper what you actually think and experimenting with the ideas. You may not actually be a scientist but you may still be doing experiments and those are with your essays. Essay is something that almost everybody can write. The point is, can everybody write good, appreciable essays? The obvious answer is no.

To make an essay more creative you need a mind that can think out of the box. Remember that not many out there are good with ideas and words so all you have to do is just be a notch above them. Think what others will not possibly think of. Let us discuss some of the creative ways to start an essay. The first thing that impresses someone is the title of a piece of work. When you buy a book you buy it because you find the title interesting. Creative essay titles are must to set the pace and mood for the rest of the work.

Along with creative essay titles an interesting and pacy introduction is very essential. Remember, you cannot start with the history of the protagonist because a creative essay is not a novel. There is no scope for unnecessary exaggeration. You must imagine the introduction to be a car race. Start fast so that you stay in the lead. Instead of- “Once upon a time there was a prince who went to the jungle to hunt” think of something like- “He heard the footsteps a little far away. It has to be the tiger I have come to hunt, thought the prince.” Remember that the same outfit worn over and over again becomes a bore.

Going through some creative essay topics will be of great help to pick up lots of tips on how to start, frame and finish an essay. Also, reading story books are of immense help when it comes to creative writing essay. Think yourself to be a fairy-tale writer with a difference. “Once upon a time” and “A long long time ago” has been used perhaps ten thousand times so need to start with those same formal lines. Writing should be a habit, if not an obsession in order to produce good creative essays. You must think something creative everyday and pen it on a diary or anywhere. Think of proper characters that you want to use. Do not add too many characters otherwise the essay may become confusing. Keep a central character and a couple of other characters surrounding him/her.

When you read keep some interesting creative ideas in your mind that you pick up. Don’t read something just for the sake of it. To develop a more mature style of writing creative essays go through some creative college essay topics. Not only will the topics help you create your own story out of them the characters in the essays may also help you learn how to frame creative characters. Let your imagination run wild on paper because without proper imagination a creative essay can never be appealing. Think of the weirdest thing that is possible and weave a plot around it. Before you know it you will find yourself good in creative writing essay.

Nothing can be done without proper study so before everything else go through some creative college essay topics and some creative essay topics to add to your creative pot more and more of creative juices.